Forehead Sweating

Forehead sweating is a problem that occurs as a result of stress in many cases. While excessive forehead sweating poses a serious problem especially for senior executives, it generally affects social life in women. Excessive forehead sweating can increase the self-confidence of the person and increase the success rate in social and business life, while recovery is achieved for 6-9 months with 1 session of application.

Treatment Details

Number of Sessions

1 Session

Processing Time

30 minutes


Regional cream anesthesia.

Botulinum Toxin Type A (Wrinkle Treatment®, Dysport®) is a sweating treatment method that can be effective in the treatment of aesthetic problems in the skin as well as excessive sweating. Botulinum toxin applications performed after cream anesthesia into the forehead and scalp eliminate forehead and scalp sweating.

After the procedure, sweating usually stops within a week. With the control performed at the end of 10 days, additional doses are applied to the necessary points.

It has been observed that excessive tension, which is the main cause of sweating in many cases, can also appear as the tension to start sweating. In this case, knowing that there will be no sweating after the application has helped the person to relax and increase the success in business life in many cases due to the lack of tension.

Forehead Sweating